About Us

ZART, aka Zen and the ART of going away and never coming back. Is this just a (not so) nice sounding title or does it actually mean something? In fairness, I’d suggest you to take a look at the diary and try finding the answer. If you do, please, let me know, I must say that the more I re-read my notes the less I understand the title.

The idea of making this trip begun as a late night pub conversation. The weird thing is that the next day the idea didn’t seem so dumb already. At that time we were 19. I (Daniele) already looked forward a nomadic life, can’t speak for Andre.

We tend to think of ourselves as pretty boring persons. Always kind of overthinking and sometimes lacking the enthusiasm for life that characterizes cool people. The good thing about being like that is that you can stick to a late night pub idea for five years and eventually do it. For sure there’s plenty of cool people doing such a trip, don’t get me wrong, but that’s the way we personally ended up in this journey.

Similarly, that’s the way we ended up doing many other not-very-smart things but for those, you should probably take a look at the diary.

The Trip So Far

The Trip So Far

We’re going to go to Cuba, the US, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and finishing in Vietnam, for a total of 4 months. In origin we wanted to drive all the way back from there to Italy but, at the end of the day, I lacked the money to make it. We hope to see a great diversity of lifestyles and cultures on this trip. Even the USA, despite their world conquest through media, is another planet comparing to Europe (I can say it already after two weeks). We hope to meet interesting people, which we already did somehow, and have a lot of fun, despite the fact that we’re boring persons.